Best way to Lose a Double chin

Here is an excellent short video by licensed dietician Christina Marquette.  Though there is a lot of really great information in this video, there is one place where we disagree. This is where she says most people who have double chins need to lose weight. Though this may be true in the real world, we find most people who visit this website have double chins for reasons other than obesity. If you are here, chances are you are simply looking to tone and shape your face; especially the area beneath your chin and upper neck.

While it is true most obese people have double chins, it is not true that all people who have double chins are obese. In other words, the problem of losing weight and the problem of shaping up your upper neck area are very often two entirely different issues.

If you are looking to lose some weight, the advice Ms. Marquette gives is very sound. However, we’ve included this video on this website because of the content that explains ways to lose a double chin that do not involve weight loss.

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